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Daria Lepina
Designer and founder La Darique brand
The main message of the brand is to be feminine, dynamic anytime anywhere. La Darique clothing allows you to feel luxurious all the time of the day, all days of the week.
This is a mixed cocktail of modernity and the era of aristocratic luxurious characters of the 80s, when a woman was elevated to the rank of art, her body aesthetics, rebellious impermanence and natural magnetism.

This is a brand manifesto for a woman when elegance and femininity are her special cultural code. A woman who does not need a reason to demonstrate her nature, she just needs a perfect dress for this.

The main objective of the brand is to present women with different, sexual and feminine images that reflect its nature and demonstrate to the world that she is a form of art.
Our mission is to cultivate femininity, to be inspired and inspire, because every piece in the La Darique collections is a story created by a woman about a woman.

We prefer to use a hight-quality fabrics, lace and designer embroideries and prints.
All this in fusion with the architecture of the body - makes it possible to feel yourself special and emphasize your feminine nature.